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Pederson’s Progression Dooms Dallas

There was a moment late in the third quarter of the Eagles' 37-9 demolition of the Dallas Cowboys that perfectly captured the essence of the game. The camera panned to the owner's box and found Jerry Jones. Seated next to Jones was America's favorite part-time governor, Chris Christie, who had the look of a man who had just been told the stadium vendors had run out of hot dogs. [ 736 more words ]

Morning Wood: Finishing Them

OK so it's a little past morning already. Whatever. Rigidity for days after that drubbing last night. Here's the takeaway: We expected this. Once Ezekiel Elliott went out and the Cowboys were certain to be without their starting left tackle, we expected the Eagles to dominate dem boyz. We expect them to win on Sunday. That would mean the Eagles will most likely be heading into that Seahawks game in two weeks having not played a truly contested game in four weeks. [ 491 more words ]

Here’s The Doug Pederson Post Game Speech You Needed Today

I NEEDED THIS. Right in the gullet from Crusher, emptying his isms into me: It's a solid 6. Could've used less words and more fist pumps, perhaps a stronger breakdown. But, Doug's record trope - "we entered here and we're leaving here " - is outstanding and I'm thinking of adopting it in my editorial duties. We entered the day with, well, 0 page views, and we're leaving it with 60k! [ 40 more words ]

Making Sense of the Phillies’ Reported Interest in Carlos Santana

As Major League Baseball’s free agency period draws near, the Phillies have reportedly expressed interest in Cleveland Indians first baseman Carlos Santana: Obviously, the Phillies are thinking... actually, I’m not sure what the hell they're thinking, but their link to Santana may reveal a bit about the team’s offseason plans. The 31-year-old played seven games in the outfield in 2017, but is best suited to play first base or DH. [ 467 more words ]

Trust the Processed Meat

Let's give the meat pie a big Philadelphia welcome. The Sixers' Aussie influence is bleeding into the concession stands at Wells Fargo Center, with a new offering on the menu beginning, I think, tonight against the Jazz. It's exactly what it sounds like - meat and gravy inside of a flaky pot-pie looking thing. They sell these at global sporting events but it's never been a thing in America. [ 219 more words ]

“Ain’t nobody fucking with us”

All cylinders. All fucking cylinders. I'm sorry to be so vulgar to your virgin eye holes, but I'm just following in the footsteps of Alshon Jeffery, who, if I'm transcribing the reports correctly, opined with the following after the Eagles improved to 9-1: "Shit, ain't nobody fucking with us. We're the best. We know we're the best. That's how we feel in this locker room." [ 62 more words ]

Your Monday Morning Roundup

HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS?!? The hapless team from Dallas was downed last night at the hands of the Eagles as the Birds scored 30 unanswered points in the second half to cruise to the 37-9 win at AT&T Stadium. Philly moved to 9-1 despite struggling in the first half and losing Jake Elliot to a head injury, after the usually money kicker missed a short field goal attempt early in the game. [ 1,331 more word ]

Crossing Broadcast: Cowboys Game

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss the Cowboys game. [ 79 more words ]

Pre Black Friday Sale Up to 30% Off

We're getting an early start this year. Everything in the store is on sale right. Up to 30% off. Shop now Some items: Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts-- 10% off Trust The Process t-shirts-- up to 20% off Wentzamania-- 30% off Sundays Are For The Birds-- up to 20% off And so on. Shop now Am I crazy for doing this? Yeah, maybe a little. [ 84 more words ]

Eagles-Cowboys Week 11 Live Thread

After last week's bye, the Eagles return to action on Sunday Night Football as they take on the Dallas Cowboys down in Jerryworld. On the injury front, Alshon Jeffery (ankle) is questionable to play, but Doug Pederson expects him to play. Adam Schefter confirmed the news earlier today as well. Ronald Darby and Zach Ertz will play. That's all for the active Eagles. [ 123 more words ]

Eagles-Cowboys Predictions

After a much needed bye week to recover from injuries, the Eagles are back in action tonight in primetime as they take on the Dallas Cowboys down in Texas. The Eagles look to go 9-1 on the season and put a stranglehold on the NFC East. To recap, here’s where the staff stands entering Week 11: 1: Bob (9-0) 2: Tyler (8-1) [ 912 more words ]

A Ghost of Himself: Breaking Down The Flyers’ 5-4 Loss to the Flames

It's a common trope in sports, especially when things aren't going well for a team. It goes something like this: "When our offense is good, our defense isn't, and when our defense is good our offense isn't, so we have to find a way to make both of them happen at the same time." You know who says that? Seven-win football teams. [ 1,103 more word ]

The Warriors are who we thought they were – Four Observations from Golden State 124, Sixers 116

It began with the Sixers scoring 47 first quarter points and ended with David West taunting the Wells Fargo Center crowd after knocking down an 18-foot jumper. We visited opposite ends of the spectrum on Saturday night. A "tale of two halves," right? It's the oldest of sporting cliches but I just have to use it here. The Sixers lead 74 to 52 at halftime with Golden State shooting 11.1% from three and Steph Curry putting up a putrid -27. [ 1,316 more word ]

Dallas Week: Don’t Call it a “Trap Game,” but…

On paper, everything lines up nicely. The Eagles are 8-1, rested, and coming off a bye. The Cowboys are missing their best offensive player, their best defensive player, and surely their starting left tackle. Jerry Jones is locked in a nasty feud with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. What could possibly go wrong? That's what concerns me here. It almost feels like there's… [ 729 more words ]

Your Friday Morning Roundup

Good news: The Flyers scored last night. Twice in regulation! Also good news: Nolan Patrick returned for the first time in nine games! Bad news: The Flyers lost their lead to the Winnipeg Jets with 49 seconds left in regulation and ended up falling in a shootout! Are you surprised by that? The two goals came in the first 5:15 of the game and were scored by two-thirds of the top line, with Wayne Simmonds contributing an assist while on the second goal on the power play. [ 772 more words ]

Crossing Broadcast: Great Tunes and After Fame

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss sports talk radio callers, the Sixers' excellent broadcast crew, Kevin Hart, Eagles-Cowboys, and phrases. [ 79 more words ]


Tyron Smith Won’t Play Sunday Night And The Cowboys Are Screwed

According to NFL Network’s Jane Slater, Cowboys All-Pro left tackle will miss Sunday night’s game against the Eagles. The impeding absence of Smith, who sat out last week’s 27-7 blowout loss in Atlanta with a back injury, is a huge blow to the Dallas offense. But if you were hoping to see Brandon Graham turn backup tackle Chaz Green into a human turnstile for a second-straight week, don’t get your hopes up. [ 106 more words ]

RADIO WARS: 97.5’s New Program Director Likes Listener Calls

Eric Johnson, 97.5 the Fanatic's new Program Director, spoke to Rob Tornoe over at Johnson talked about the ratings gap with rival 94 WIP, explaining that he sees some "great statistics" that he can work with to become more competitive. He also touched on the idea of making the Fanatic's shows "a little hotter, a little more fast moving," so we'll see how that goes. [ 193 more words ]

Dallas Week: Where’s the Venom?

Maybe I’m totally missing something here, but I’m having a hard time finding the juice for Sunday night’s NFC East showdown between the Eagles and Cowboys. It feels like everybody around here is just going through the “Dallas sucks” motions. There’s the usual trash talk, the Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott debates, and predictions of an Eagles blowout win on social media and sports talk radio. [ 686 more words ]

Alshon Jeffery and JJ Redick Are Pretty Much the Same Guy

There's a Philadelphia athlete who was brought in on a short-term deal to solve a specific offensive problem. The numbers aren't amazing, but you see the occasional flash of individual brilliance while he makes the teammates around him better. Sometimes fans become frustrated when #17 fails to do the main thing he was brought here to do, but there are absolutely more positives than negatives. [ 1,352 more word ]

Morning Wood: Historically Good

Welcome to the moment. That's the Sixers' slogan, right? Last night was the moment we were all waiting for. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons entered the Staples Center for the second game in a row, penetrated the paint, scored at will, and didn't even bother buying Lonzo Ball breakfast when they were done. Let's skip the pleasantries and get right down to the raw, hard facts: Joel Embiid put up 46 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, 7 blocks, and shot 14-20 from the field, 2-3 from three, and 16-19 at the line. [ 518 more words ]

Your Thursday Morning Roundup

Show me the money. Robert Covington has plenty of it now as the Sixers' sharp shooter from beyond the arc got the rumored big contract extension, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. According to the Woj bomb, RoCo's deal is four years, $62 million and will keep him under contract in Philly through the 2021-22 season. Derek Bodner of The Athletic gave a breakdown of the yearly money: [ 927 more words ]

Joel Embiid Just Planted His Flag Among the Philadelphia Sports Immortals

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus. While you were sleeping, or maybe if you were still awake, Joel Embiid gifted all of us one of those "wait, what am I seeing" performances against the largely not good enough Lonzo Ball and his Los Angeles Lakers. Embiid posted your basic 46/15/7/7 on the heads of the feckless Lakers and led your team, your town, your 76ers to a 115-109 win. [ 25 more words ]


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RADIO WARS – Some Thoughts on the Changes at 94 WIP

94 WIP didn't waste any time finding a replacement for Chris Carlin, who is headed back to New York to take over for the retiring Mike Francesa as part of a two-man and one-woman team. Carlin got on the radio for a few minutes yesterday to confirm his departure, then turned it over to Jon Marks, the evening host who will now do afternoon drive alongside Ike Reese for the foreseeable future. [ 1,216 more word ]

Does Anyone in Philadelphia Care About eSports?

Too bad eSports wasn't a thing back in 1995. I would have been Contra world champion. Full run, no deaths, no up/up/down/down/left/right/left/right/B/A cheat code. None of that. Some friends and I used to be in the "National Honor Society" at Boyertown Senior High back in the day. We had a private room where we were supposed to tutor students who needed homework help. [ 1,060 more word ]

Nerlens Noel is Sitting on the Dallas Bench

Who "won" the Nerlens Noel/Justin Anderson trade? Well one of those guys isn't playing right now, so I guess the Sixers "won" it. The Mavericks have basically benched Noel in the midst of a 2-13 start. Nerlens is off to a forgettable season. He played five minutes last night in a 97-91 loss and two minutes Sunday in a 112-99 loss. [ 800 more words ]

Shooting Blanks: What’s Wrong with the Flyers After Getting Shutout by the Wild in Consecutive Games?

This is bad hockey. So bad in fact, that we are throwing out the concept of takeaways for this one. (O.K., fine, you want takeaways? Here you go - Brian Elliot was really good for his fourth straight game in goal. Scott Laughton's line was the only line that was consistently good. Robert Hagg keeps getting better and better as a defensive defenseman and Devan Dubnyk is unconscious right now in net for Minnesota - that's it). [ 2,096 more words ]

Your Wednesday Morning Roundup

The last time the Flyers scored a goal was at the 3:51 mark of the second period in a 3-1 win over the Chicago Blackhawks last Thursday. It's been 156:09 of game time since their last goal. That's two entire games, plus an entire period and the majority of another. You can't win games if you don't score. For the second time in four days, the… [ 1,457 more word ]

RADIO WARS: Jon Marks Is Moving To Afternoons

WIP press release: CBS RADIO Philadelphia’s SportsRadio 94WIP announced today that Jon Marks will begin co-hosting afternoons 2:00 to 6:00 PM alongside Ike Reese effective Thursday, November 16, 2017. Marks is currently the station’s evening host, 6:00 to 10:00 PM, a role he’s held since February 2017. Additionally, Joe Giglio will host evenings from 6:00 to 10:00 PM and anchor week-day Phillies pre-game and post-game coverage. [ 142 more words ]

The Meek Mill Story Has Taken Another Ridiculous Turn

Last week, I wrote that Joshua Harris should throw his significant BILLIONAIRE weight around and see if he can pull some strings to get Sixers superfan Meek Mill's sentenced reduced or commuted, because we would not stand for a rogue judge impacting our courtside celeb game just as things are HEATING UP. I was kidding (I think?), but that is exactly what happened when Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin - founder of GSI Commerce and currently CEO of Kynetic, … [ 677 more words ]

Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

In case you didn't stay up, the Sixers faced the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night and snapped a losing streak with a 109-105 victory. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid looked spectacular with the latter leading all scorers with 32 points. Robert Covington, who should be expecting a big pay day this week, dropped 31 points. Simmons logged his eighth career double-double with 22 points and 12 rebounds. [ 1,139 more word ]

RADIO WARS: Chris Carlin Is Reportedly Leaving WIP, and 97.5 Has a New Program Director

I'm admittedly a little late on this, but it seems Chris Carlin and his loud-mouthed New York shtick are leaving for... well, New York, where he'll replace one of the biggest sports talk radio personalities of all-time. From the NY Daily News: It will take three voices to replace Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa. Industry sources say WFAN suits will soon name Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, and Maggie Gray — who the Daily News first reported on Monday as the third member of the team — as its new afternoon drive team replacing Francesa when he departs the station on Dec. [ 499 more words ]

Lane Johnson Threatened To Kill His Cowboys Fan Grandma (Jokingly)

Lane Johnson took Dallas Hate Week to a whole new level. This game means a lot to the NFL-leading Eagles. It's the Cowboys, in Dallas, with a win essentially clinching the NFC East for the Birds, and will also help smooth the path to a first-round bye and home field advantage in the playoffs. It means so much, and the hatred for the Cowboys is so deep, that left tackle Lane Johnson threatened his grandmother's life, if she continued to root for the Cowboys: [ 35 more words ]

Jon Dorenbos Chronicled His Trade, Medical Discovery On Ellen

The most popular former NFL long snapper and former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Dorenbos did his first interview since having open heart surgery. In typical Dorenbos fashion, the former America's Got Talent finalist never got his spirits down as he was seen cheering up other patients in the hospital while he was recovering. Dorenbos talks with Ellen about how he found out he was traded, how the doctors discovered his medical condition, and the recovery since open-heart surgery. The video is after the jump.

Dallas Week: Why Supporting the Cowboys Probably Makes You a Poser

We all know one of these guys: "Born and raised in Mayfair! But I'm a lifelong Cowboys fan because my dad knew Tom Landry's uncle." "Love the star on the helmet! Used to watch Roger Staubach on television back in '74." "Well I grew up in Idaho, but we didn't have a team, so I picked the Cowboys." All valid reasons to be a Dallas fan, according to Dallas fans. [ 1,033 more word ]

At This Rate, 2020’s ESPN Will Be Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett and One Camera

With apologies to Crosby, Stills & Nash, it’s getting to the point where it’s no fun anymore to report on significant layoffs at ESPN. But there's no point in ignoring it, so here's the Los Angeles Times: “Financial pressures on Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN will lead to the layoffs of another 100 employees this year in a further sign of how the sports juggernaut has been buffeted by changing consumer habits.” [ 609 more words ]

How ’bout them Cowboys? – Ten Takeaways from the Eagles’ Bye Week

Even when the Eagles aren't playing, they're still winning. The NFC East completed the trifecta this weekend, going 0-3 and doing it in style. The Cowboys looked like shit, the Redskins disappointed at home, and the Giants looked like the Giants. At the risk of jinxing it, next Sunday could wrap up the division for the Birds, who travel to Dallas on two weeks of rest. [ 819 more words ]

Pizza and Power Struggles: Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell

Look, I’m not one to brag or tell you that I can see into the future, but I just want to begin with what I wrote last Thursday, moments after Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal to further delay his suspension was denied by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals: "I can’t wait for Atlanta to blow the doors off this disoriented team playing without its brightest star on Sunday afternoon, and I want the Eagles to go down to Dallas the week after and deliver the knockout blow to the Cowboys on national television for all to see– and I want to hear Jerry Jones bitch about how it wasn’t fair. [ 707 more words ]

Trust the Cleaning Process

How do college kids make the worst part of party hosting fun? You theme it around the Sixers. Cleaning is never enjoyable, but these guys from St. Joe's get it. One of them is a junior forward on the Hawks' soccer team. Whoever thought of this idea in the house is a god damn genius: [ 57 more words ]

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