Whatever it takes, Dude (I have no firearm)

The Linden Police Department released two pieces of body-cam footage today from the arrest of Lenny Dykstra on May 23 after an Uber driver pulled into the Linden Police headquarters and told officers Dykstra had threatened him with a gun. According to a story from NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Uber driver pulled into the Linden police headquarters at 3:30 a.m. [ 381 more words ]

There is no Easy Fix for the Phillies’ Bullpen Woes

I would imagine that Gabe Kapler knows that there are few, if any, absolute truths when it comes to the strategical principles of baseball. If every manager followed the same set of guidelines and did the same thing in the same situations, and they did these things every single time, there would be no need to have a manager at all. [ 685 more words ]

Your Wednesday Morning Roundup

After a day off, the Phillies continued their momentum from Sunday's win over the Brewers with a 5-4 win over the Colorado Rockies. It began in the bottom of the first, thanks to a three-run home run by Scott Kingery. It was his third homer of the season. He extended the lead to four runs thanks to a sac fly in the bottom of the third. [ 905 more words ]

Snow the Goalie: Face-to-Face with Flyers GM Ron Hextall

Anthony and Russ recap the Stanley Cup Final, Alex Ovechkin's first Stanley Cup victory, and potential Flyers' draft targets. The guys are then joined by Flyers general manager Ron Hextall to discuss old rivalries, the differences in hockey eras, how to measure analytics vs. the human element to a player, the importance of a player's character, the development of Flyers prospects and their playoff run with the Phantoms, the goaltending logjam, how to build a team in the modern NHL, the team's identity, and when to make a big splash via free agency or a trade. [ 4,737 more words ]

This Old Video of the Mets Going After Chase Utley and Losing Their Cool is a Must-See

You probably remember this Chase Utley slide during the 2015 MLB postseason that cracked the fibula of former New York Mets infielder Ruben Tejada: Utley was initially suspended for two games for the slide, reenacted here in the MLB Network studios: They pretty much nailed it. The suspension was eventually overturned by Major League Baseball the following spring after Utley appealed, and, as you can imagine, the Mets were less than pleased with that development. [ 51 more words ]

Flyers GM Ron Hextall on "Snow the Goalie"

Flyers GM Ron Hextall sat down with Anthony and Russ for an exclusive 22 minute interview on "Snow the Goalie", our Flyers podcast. In this clip, Hextall addresses the importance of character in the team's evaluation of a player.

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Preview: Flyers GM Ron Hextall on Snow The Goalie

Anthony and I sat down on Monday with Flyers GM Ron Hextall for an exclusive interview on Snow the Goalie. Nearly two months after seeing his team's season come to an end at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Hextall reflected on the Flyers' season, the Phantoms' playoff run, gave us a glimpse into his off-season planning and what he looks for in a potential Philadelphia Flyer. [ 373 more words ]

The Wings Unveiled Their New Home Jersey

The second version of Philadelphia's professional indoor (box) lacrosse team has unveiled their new home jersey. They're nothing like the old threads. The Philadelphia Wings showed off their black home jerseys and announced their founding partner inside a hanger at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport. A weird location if you ask me, but I guess the new brand revolves around aviation. [ 419 more words ]

What Is, The Eagles Are Super Bowl Champions

I don’t watch Jeopardy! because it’s a depressing reminder that my knowledge base is completely one-dimensional and never came remotely close to evolving the way I thought it would when I was a kid. Quite literally, I can watch an entire episode as contestants tear through the board without personally knowing a single question (or is it answer?). I'm not even good at bar quizzo games. [ 49 more words ]

Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

It's the start of a big week for the Birds. Minicamp begins today and runs until Thursday. Each day will begin with Doug Pederson addressing the media at 10:30 AM. After that, the team will have a practice before players will be available for the media. Things started yesterday. While players were getting their physicals, assistant coaches were made available to the media. [ 982 more words ]

Crossed Up: Dropping the Ball

Anthony and Bob discuss: 1:40 Why the Rockies series matters 3:15 Is Matt Klentak trying to lower expectations? 10:35 Making sense of the Phillies’ infield logjam 18:15 It’s time to move on from Maikel Franco 24:30 The lack of All-Star talent 29:20 The Phillies don’t have an offensive identity 37:10 Odubel Herrera’s struggles 43:10 Why can’t the Phillies catch the baseball? [ 121 more words ]

Scott O’Neil vs. Howard Eskin

Earlier on the WIP evening show, Howard Eskin reported that Scott O'Neil is planning to take a job with the Utah Jazz. O'Neil is the CEO of the 76ers, New Jersey Devils, and other entities under the umbrella of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment. This would be considered a big surprise after the Bryan Colangelo scandal. Why would the CEO of multiple entities leave for another job out west? [ 88 more words ]

Sports Betting Is Now Fully Legal In New Jersey

That there is New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signing into law the sports betting bill. It passed last week and was just waiting to be signed into law. Under it, sports betting will now be fully legal in New Jersey, both at casinos and racetracks and online, the latter of which can go live in as little as 30 days (in other words, in time for football season). [ 212 more words ]

Pre-Draft Workouts: Lonnie Walker, Miles Bridges, and Shake Milton

Lonnie Walker grew up a Sixers fan but doesn't remember much about the 2000-2001 squad. "I was only two years old. You kind of have to recollect those moments when you get older." All laughs from the Reading High School product, a 6'4" shooting guard who spent Monday morning working out for the Sixers with five other NBA draft prospects. Among them were top-15 projection Miles Bridges, second round projection Shake Milton, and a group of forwards in Drew Eubanks, Nuni Omut, and Jared Nickens. [ 859 more words ]

“Anything’s on the Table” – GM Brett Brown on Draft Night Strategy

The Sixers brought in a half-dozen prospects for pre-draft workouts on Tuesday, among them top-15 projections in Lonnie Walker and Miles Bridges. But the big story, I think, is still Brett Brown in his new interim general manager role, an unfamiliar platform for him to stand on just ten days out from the draft. Brown spoke to the media for 15 minutes after the workout and reiterated that he's got a good group of people around him, a collection of basketball minds that will provide decision making "firepower" this summer. [ 767 more words ]

MMA Fighter Rags “Filthadelphia Eagles” Over Canceled White House Visit

Colby Covington is what we'd call a "heel." The guy is a great fighter but a total asshole, a trash-talking former collegiate All-American wrestler who now competes in the UFC's Welterweight division. Covington beat Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 225 on Saturday to claim the interim belt and set up a future fight with division champion Tyron Woodley. He used part of his post-fight press conference to slag the Philadelphia Eagles for "disrespecting" the country: [ 63 more words ]

Your Monday Morning Roundup

The weekend began with blowouts for the Phillies before things got better on Sunday. The Brewers scored 12 runs on 13 hits in each of their two wins over the Phils on Friday and Saturday. Ryan Braun homered twice Friday night, while Ji-Man Choi recorded his first ever grand slam off Luis Garcia on Saturday. So with Zach Eflin on the mound yesterday afternoon, the Phils avoided an embarrassing sweep with a… [ 1,242 more word ]

Sixers Draft Prospects: #26 Overall

I think we hit on most of the guys who will be available at #10 earlier this week, so let's go through some of the dudes who might be options at 26. What are the Sixers looking for with this pick? Assuming you get Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, or a combo forward/wing depth type of guy at 10, I think you look for a bench scorer at 26. [ 1,111 more word ]

New Jersey Sports Betting

Can I bet on sports in New Jersey? Soon you'll be able to.

Our New Jersey sports betting guide.


Here’s Video of Markelle Fultz Shooting From His Back

Looks like "Still Balling" was right when she wrote this on Twitter about Markelle Fultz on December 9th: “The so call mentor tried to force him to change the shot. Tapes have surfaced of the guy making Markelle shooting while sitting on a chair, while on his back on the floor etc. The guy denies it as doesn’t want to say Y was forced out of kid’s life. [ 536 more words ]

Who Replaces Bryan Colangelo?

It's over. Lord have mercy. I'm just glad we're moving this thing forward. If you listened to yesterday's press conference with Brett Brown and Josh Harris, you heard them say that there will be no hard deadline on the hiring of a new general manager. One month? Six weeks? Who knows. In my mind, I think you give yourself 4-5 weeks to get this done, which would allow Brown to run the draft process, then cede free agency and contract negotiations to the new player-personnel executive, who comes in during the first week of July. [ 2,028 more words ]

Gabe Kapler Discusses the Phillies’ Miserable Week

After a rough 3-7 road trip that wrapped up with a sloppy 4-3 loss yesterday afternoon at Wrigley Field, Phillies’ manager Gabe Kapler joined 94 WIP’s morning show with Angelo Cataldi to discuss his team’s recent struggles. Cataldi first asked Kapler about his questionable ninth inning decision to remove Seranthony Dominguez in favor of lefty Adam Morgan in Wednesday night’s crushing 7-5 walk-off loss. [ 565 more words ]

Game of Zones: Bryan Long Collars

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you gotta wait until next year for the final season. I personally think the series is getting a little weird with zombie dragons and more incest and unrealistic cross-continental travel, but it is high fantasy, after all. In the meantime, we have Bleacher Report's "Game of Zones" to keep us busy, and the finale spoofs Bryan Colangelo and the burner accounts. His segment starts at 4:55, but the whole thing is worth watching:

Bryan Colangelo Reportedly Wanted To Fire Brett Brown and Replace Him with Mike D’Antoni or Jay Wright

Woj dropped a little bit of an incendiary device during a live appearance with Scott Van Pelt last night: "Brett Brown was never Bryan Colangelo's coach, or Jerry Colangelo's coach. And when they came in - when Jerry Colangelo took over - he put Mike D'Antoni on Brett Brown's staff. Mike D'Antoni wasn't put there just to be the assistant coach. [ 385 more words ]

Your Friday Morning Roundup

It finally happened. Bryan Colangelo is out. Brett Brown, for the time being, is in. An investigation by the law firm the team hired concluded that Colangelo's wife, Barbara Bottini, operated the Twitter accounts. We also found out that she impeded parts of the investigation by conducting a factory reset of her iPhone. The firm also acknowledged that they can't confirm if Colangelo knew of the accounts. [ 940 more words ]

The Phillies’ Defense is as Bad as it Looks

While we have spent much of the past few weeks lamenting the Phillies' inconsistent, if not entirely piss-poor offense, their sloppy defense and inability to complete routine plays with professional-level regularity has also become a glaring concern as of late. Overshadowed by the voluminous strikeouts and copious amounts of stranded base runners produced regularly by the Phillies' lineup, the defense has devolved into one of the worst in Major League Baseball. [ 527 more words ]

Brandon Graham Apparently Stripped Tom Brady on a Bum Hammy

Oh yeah, the Eagles practiced today. Apparently Brandon Graham is even more of a beast than originally thought: Not sure if you saw the play, but Graham's strip sack of Tom Brady basically won the Super Bowl for the Eagles. Here's the play, just in case you didn't see it: Time's yours.

The Sixers Will Be Fine: Organized Thoughts on the Colangelo Press Conference

I wrote out the CliffsNotes from the Josh Harris and Brett Brown press conference earlier in a sort of stream of consciousness style, kind of like a Ghostface verse from a Wu-Tang song. There are a lot of words, and they all sort of work together, but you then have to slow it down and run it through again. So I wanted to listen to the 26 minute presser for a second time and try to focus on some of the more important quotes and come up with some takeaways from there. [ 1,593 more word ]

Crossing Broadcast: Burn Notice 3: The Final Chapter

Kyle and Russ cover the resignation of Bryan Colangelo, Brett Brown and Josh Harris' press conference, and discrepancies between the team and former GM's statements. [iTunes] [Google Play] [Stitcher] [RSS] Audio after the jump: [ 94 more words ]

Julian Edelman Is Suspended Four Games For Using PEDs

The Eagles killed the Patriots. Fun wrinkle: Edelman uses Tom Brady's health guru, Alex Guerrero, whom he called "Mr. Miyagi" in April: “There’s always going to be those types of things,” Edelman said of Guerrero last November. “If it helps you, then it helps you and Tom is a living proof of how that has helped his career. I am a huge advocate of it. [ 60 more words ]

I Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Joshua Harris’ Helicopter

I am obsessed with Joshua Harris' helicopter. Few things in Philly sports interest me more than it and the Sixers' helipad. I could see him going full Bobby Axelrod and using it to drop his kids off at practice: Er, maybe it's best to avoid sports fields. Fun fact: The helipad I believe is also used by nearby Cooper University Hospital (or a similar facility). Unclear which patron takes precedence.

The Press Conference: Josh Harris and Brett Brown

There's gonna be a lot to digest here, so let me just type out key notes as I go, and we'll circle back and double over the more important things that come out. It's Josh Harris and Brett Brown at the podium, and Harris begins with an opening statement: difficult day for me personally, love the team and our exciting future, this is a disappointing situation for everyone, want to thank everybody for the patience while we conducted a fair and thorough investigation… [ 647 more words ]

Bryan Colangelo Lays Waste To His Wife In Statement

Good God. I think there's a way to acknowledge it was his wife without piling on here. Seriously misguided and inaccuracies and conjecture not only fails to acknowledge that there is something endearing about a husband or wife wanting to defend her spouse, but also completely negates the merit of her opinions. What an asshole. Not to mention that it would seem he's lying here, too, denying ever giving her any private info, which seems implausible. Go away, snake.

Jerry Colangelo Reportedly Threatened To Sabotage The Sixers

Kyle Neubeck reports that Jerry Colangelo was the reason for the delay. From The Philly Voice: With one of the stranger sagas in Philadelphia sports history coming to a close, the Sixers are left to prepare for what may be the most important offseason in franchise history with the lead decision-making role wide open. The delay was, in part, due to internal and external politics that ownership had to weigh. [ 45 more words ]

Bryan Colangelo's wife factory reset her iPhone

Bryan Colangelo Is Out

It happened. "Agreed to part ways" is about the phrasing one would expect here. Sixers are holding a press conference at 1. Here is a statement they sent out form the law firm they hired to investigate the matter-- Bryan Colangelo's wife apparently factory reset her iPhone. [ 509 more words ]

Sixers Draft Prospects: Michael Porter Jr., Lonnie Walker, Grayson Allen

I know you're dying for Bryan Colangelo news, or more Eagles vs. Donald Trump content, but let's take a quick break to look at a few more Sixers draft prospects. This is part three of a series that I'll keep doing until I no longer feel like it. We're going three players at a time, and started on Monday with… [ 1,806 more word ]

Malcolm Jenkins Has Spoken. Will Anyone Listen?

"If you don't like what is being said, change the conversation," Don Draper once quipped on Mad Men. On Wednesday, Malcolm Jenkins took the advice. As the local press surrounded Jenkins' locker, fishing for a quote to color their stories about the Eagles' scuttled White House trip, the Eagles safety and social activist tried a different mode of communication… [ 1,114 more word ]

Your Thursday Morning Roundup

Everything appeared to be going well with the Phillies last night against the Cubs. Until one swing of the bat. After giving up three runs in the first five innings, Aaron Altherr tied things up in the sixth to keep the Phils alive. It looked like they would get the win thanks to a two-run shot by Dylan Cozens in the ninth. [ 713 more words ]

Lamenting Another Brutal Loss

Last night could have been about Aaron Altherr’s three-run blast that picked a stumbling Phillies team off the mat. It could have been about Dylan Cozens’ first career home run, a dramatic opposite field shot in the ninth that propelled the Phillies to what would have been, by far, their most impressive victory of the season. Instead, Gabe Kapler yanked Seranthony Dominguez after he allowed a pair of base runners in the ninth inning of a 5-3 game to insert one Adam Morgan, and thus, the story became this: [ 527 more words ]

Snow the Goalie: Free Agent Targets and Handshake Deals

Anthony and Russ discuss: We almost won a lot of money (0:00) Explaining our absence (3:00) Vegas v. Washington through 4 games (6:00) Addressing Flyers fans who thought the Flyers could’ve won the Stanley Cup (11:00) Free Agent scenarios (18:00) Why NHL teams don’t pursue RFAs (50:00) Odds and ends (1:00:00) Audio after the jump: [ 95 more words ]

Get Your Eagles Season Tickets with Ticket IQ!

This post is brought to you by our friends at TicketIQ. The Eagles won Super Bowl LII. That still feels great - if not a bit surreal - to type. With a title defense in the works, why not let Ticket IQ fulfill your long-held dream of owning Eagles season tickets? That's right, not only does Ticket IQ offer single-game tickets, they can get you into every Eagles home game for the 2018-19 season! [ 139 more words ]

Malcolm Jenkins Isn’t Speaking to the Media, Just Holding Up Signs

Doug Pederson didn't want to spend a lot of time talking about the White House controversy this morning. And Malcolm Jenkins didn't want to talk about it all, remaining completely silent and instead holding up signs at his locker with various messages for President Trump and critics of the demonstrations that started with Colin Kaepernick. Here are some of the signs, which mention Kaepernick, teammate Chris Long, and other Eagles and NFL players who have been at the forefront of the social justice movement: [ 58 more words ]

Grayson Allen Apparently Worked Out for the Sixers

Somebody emailed Kyle last night and told him that Duke guard Grayson Allen was spotted at Fishtown's Mad Rex, a post-apocalyptic-themed restaurant. I don't know how to describe it; it's sort of like Mad Max the movie meets Tupac's "California Love" music video and the servers are all wearing steampunk and/or ripped denim and biker gear. I went there once and had a... [ 259 more words ]

Is Carson Wentz “Shockingly” Ahead of Schedule?

Buried in the White House and Bryan Colangelo news was a report on Tuesday afternoon that Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is "shockingly" ahead of schedule in his return from the ACL and LCL tear. That's from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who appeared on NFL live, saying, in part: "...from people inside (organization) who were somewhat skeptical, I am hearing that he’s not just ahead of schedule — he’s WAY ahead of schedule. [ 303 more words ]

“I was Looking Forward to Going Down” – Doug Pederson on the Canceled White House Visit

Not sure if you heard, but the Eagles did not visit the White House on Tuesday. President Trump canceled on Monday after it was revealed that only a small portion of the team would take part in a ceremony honoring their Super Bowl 52 triumph. Instead, the President held a rally to celebrate America, featuring the playing of the National Anthem and God Bless America. [ 499 more words ]

It’s D-Day for Josh Harris and the 76ers Ownership Group

After the bizarre turn of events involving the Philadelphia Eagles and the White House-trip-that-wasn't, it's only fitting that the city turns its attention to the resolution of the Bryan Colangelo "Woodergate" scandal. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the 76ers' owners convened in New York to discuss the fate of their president of basketball operations. [ 770 more words ]

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