I Am All In on Kevin Harlan’s Call of Torrey Smith’s Touchdown

I've never been a huge Kevin Harlan guy-- always thought of him as sort of a poor man's Marv Albert. But there he is, calling basically every big sporting event, be it on TV or for Westwood One. He nailed this call on Torrey Smith's touchdown last night: I really need to go back and watch this game again. I was unable to comprehend things yesterday. Like I had a sports-induced brown out-- I can remember things if you remind me, but my recall of specific events is non-existent.


Doug Pederson Earned Respect Long After It Should Have Been Given

As you bask in an epic Eagles victory at your job today, imagine if a prominent voice in your profession had said this about you: "Everyone knows Pederson isn't a head coach. He might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone in the NFL. Pederson was barely a coordinator before he became head coach. When will the Eagles admit their mistake?" [ 626 more words ]


Vikings Fans Are Organizing an Event To Throw Stuff at Eagles Fans

Vikings fans, presumably fresh off a lake fishing excursion, with nothing better to do today after their team got skollfucked by the Eagles, have organized a Facebook event to "toss stuff at Eagles fans Super Bowl Sunday" in the parking lot of their own stadium, which they won't be able to get in while... get this... the Eagles play in the Super Bowl. [ 259 more words ]


Here’s To The Haters

I love everything right now. I love that the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl, BABY! I love that they're playing the Patriots with a chance to dethrone football royalty and exorcise the demons that still loom from a Super Bowl 39 loss and have haunted this city and its people since. I loved watching fans erupt into the streets throughout the city last night to celebrate this run, a run so many foolishly thought impossible. [ 525 more words ]


Life at the Intersection of Cottman and Frankford

As I move along Frankford Avenue toward Cottman Avenue to join the Eagles celebration, I am pulled by an invisible tide that has guided me since I was a little kid walking to McDonald's with my grandpop. I've lived in Mayfair most of my life, and I've gotten to know a number of its landmarks. There's the abandoned building where the McDonald's used to be. [ 776 more words ]


Let’s Check in on Giants Fans

Yea, they've won a few Super Bowls and the Eagles haven't. Eli Manning and Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler and whatever. But let's check in on New York fans today, beginning with a somewhat "tone deaf" tweet from a dope running the Empire State Building account: It went about as well as expected: Is it New York? Last time I checked, the Giants don't play in New York, but what do I know. [ 133 more words ]


New Shirts Are Now Available!

GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE HOT. And in-stock. Shop now Shop now These will deliver in plenty of time for the big game. I would expect most orders to go out within 5-7 days and be received by the end of this week or early next week. All shirts are printed on super-soft poly cotton blend. They are mostly true to size, but if you're on the fence, go a size larger. Get one. Shop now


Doug Pederson’s Fist Pump Is One For The Ages

As you know, I am a purveyor of the fist pump. The pumping of fists. This... was a good one. Here now, the Crusher Pump: [ 651 more words ]


Your Monday Morning Roundup

"We are going to the Super Bowl. We are going to the stinkin' Super Bowl." Doug's words to the team after demolishing the Vikings on Sunday night are a perfect mix of nerdy and boss that only Doug Pederson can orate well. After the 38-7 drubbing, the Vikings were sent out the only way this city can: As the Vikings were heading out of town, Eagles fans were heading up: [ 724 more words ]


Crossing Broadcast: Vikings Game

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss the Vikings game. [ 79 more words ]


The First Video of Doug Pederson’s Locker Room Speech Has Emerged

Jordan Hicks was streaming live on Instagram after the game and we got the full Doug Pederson speech. Not done YET. Something about this unfiltered shots makes it even better, like seeing Lincoln at Gettysburg or something. Only it's Doug... delivering a FUCKING SUPER BOWL SPEECH! Didn't expect that.


As Expected, Fans Are Going Wild

The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. And as you can imagine, they're going crazy on social media. Some a little too much: They're climbing the poles: Celebs, athletes, and other famous Birds fans are also happy:


“Is He Really Going?” – Zach Ertz’s Wife Loses it After Hearing Super Bowl News

You probably know that Zach Ertz's wife Julie plays for the United States national soccer team. She didn't get to watch the Birds on Sunday night because the U.S. women were playing at the exact same time as the NFC Championship Game. But as she walked off the field, she was given the news: Ertz scored a goal in the game, so go figure. She's nasty. She's a hell of a player. And she spoke about Zach afterward:



It was 7-0 Vikings. Shelton Gibson had just committed a dumb penalty after Trey Burton screwed up a wide-open third down pass. The Eagle defense got smoked on the opening drive. It was the worst start imaginable. We were headed for another spirit-crushing NFC Championship Game flame out. Then..... ...this: What.... a..... play! [ 202 more words ]


Merrill Reese’s Call With Time Expiring Fills You With Joy

"...We are going to Minneapolis!" The Eagles did it and man, was that sweet. Merrill Reese's call as Nate Sudfeld ran out the clock was just exactly what it needed to be: More calls after the jump. [ 46 more words ]



Been waiting 8 years to write that.


Cottman & Frankford

Idiots Being Idiots in the Parking Lot

Somebody shared this video with Kyle on Twitter. I don't know much about the context, though I don't see any Vikings gear. It looks like Eagle fans fighting each other. Check it out for yourself, courtesy of @rayz_ya:


Vikings-Eagles NFC Conference Championship Live Thread

We lasted eight days. We've finally made it. Tonight, the Eagles can get to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2005 as they take on the Minnesota Vikings at home in the NFC Conference Championship. It's Nick Foles against Case Keenum. Who would've thought? On the injury front, the Eagles are very healthy. Dannell Ellerbe is questionable with a hamstring injury. [ 78 more words ]


Now They’ve Gone Done It

That's it. They're done. Finished. All week we reached for a storyline on how to hate pleasant Minneapians, now we need not look further. They are dead to me. They've stepped on our lore. You don't do this, plain and simple. That ground belongs to us. Your chant is stupid. No one likes you. Get off our fucking steps and go home. Do me a favor, Birds-- win. Win.


Championship Dreams Accompanied by Greasy Poles Throughout the City of Brotherly Love

Much like a 56-year-old man popping a Cialis before heading out for a night on the town "just in case," police in the City of Philadelphia are prophylactically greasing light poles all over town: Quite obviously, no one is going to be mounting or straddling any poles in Philadelphia should the Eagles somehow not win tonight. Still, it's better to have the pole greased and not need it than it is to need the pole greased and not have it. Besides, like the Cialis, after a while the Crisco will wear off anyway.


Getting the Results: Four Observations from Sixers 116, Bucks 94

Sometimes life gives you no Kyrie Irving, or no Kawhi Leonard, or no Giannis Antetokounmpo. And when that happens you just go ahead and beat undermanned teams, improving to 22-20 and the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference with a 7th win in eight games. It was a low-key critical game in the playoff race between two teams that will probably be in that six to nine range for rest of January and into April. [ 1,005 more word ]


Oh My God

I can't even form words to express myself.


Jesse Palmer’s Piece Has Me So F*cking Torqued

Not gonna lie-- got a little emotional watching this. I was confident all week. Now I'm a basket case. But you don't have the time to listen to me whine. Let's just get this done!


Win or Lose, Nick Foles Now Has His Own Chapter in Eagles History

The Eagles' re-signing of Nick Foles to back up Carson Wentz seemed like such an innocuous story when it broke in March. The space between the Super Bowl and Major League Baseball's Opening Day is annually a sports news dead zone. The NCAA men's basketball tournament helps, but mainly it's the death throes of the hockey and pro basketball seasons that keep the news flow churning as everyone waits for the playoffs and for baseball. [ 695 more words ]


Get a Load of These Minnesotans as They Try To Rip Philly

I’m not going to pretend that this city or its fans are without flaws. I’m quick to point out that some of the narratives those here rally around have become trite, and this fan base has done, if we’re being honest, some pretty stupid shit over the years. What city hasn’t? It’s still one filled with fans deserving of the championships that have tortuously eluded them. [ 771 more words ]


Bud Light Sends Out a Special Message To Eagles Fans

Bud Light had a smashing hit with their "Dilly Dilly" commercials this season. You'll start to see the second installment of their series this weekend. The "Ye Old Pep Talk" is a precursor to their Super Bowl ad that will be released in two weeks, and hopefully the Eagles will be playing for a championship as well. But there's also a Philadelphia-specific message from the King himself. [ 25 more words ]


Viking Injuries, and Maybe a Bit of Gamesmanship

Is Minnesota receiver Adam Thielen really 100% for Sunday's NFC Championship Game? Probably not, but he's going to play. He told people he was fine this week, even though he's been limited in practice with a back problem. Friday, he was officially listed as questionable on the Vikings' injury report: It's probably a Julio Jones-type of thing - limited all week, play through the pain in the playoffs. [ 152 more words ]


The Union Made a Blockbuster Trade

Look at the Philadelphia Union sneaking into the spotlight. The MLS Draft took place today in Center City, but with a total of zero early round picks, the Union instead pulled off a huge trade, acquiring 27-year-old winger David Accam from the Chicago Fire for $1.2 million in allocation money. I'll explain "allocation money" in a minute. Accam is a speedy attacker who put up a career-high 14 goals and 8 assists last year. [ 379 more words ]


NFC Championship Game: A Look at Minnesota’s Defense, Part 2

This is the final installment of our Minnesota Vikings breakdown before Sunday’s big game. If you haven’t already read the first three parts of the series, check out Kevin Kinkead’s breakdowns of the Vikings offense and special teams: NFC Championship Game: A Look at Minnesota’s Offense NFC Championship Game: A Look at Minnesota’s Special Teams Yesterday, I highlighted what makes the Vikings defense so formidable: [ 1,246 more word ]


Vikings Fans Have Suffered as Much, If Not More, than Eagles Fans

Trivia question: Name the two only two teams to compile winning records during the Super Bowl era, but never win a Super Bowl. You guessed right; it's the Eagles and the Vikings. Both teams have been unmatched in raising fan hopes before exiting the postseason in soul-crushing defeat. We all know about the Birds' history, so I won't waste too much time rehashing that garbage. [ 451 more words ]


I Can’t Wait Any Longer

Have you run through a brick wall yet watching the Eagles' official hype video for Sunday's game? You probably have already, and you're even more pumped for this game. Now, I want to run through people. Actual human beings. DelcoDelphia did it again. This video, the Eagles one that dropped yesterday, and Kyle Brandt's Birds rant is exactly what we want. "We all we got. We all we need."


I Can’t Wait For The Patriots To Lose

OH MY GOD INJECT PATRIOTS SNAFUS INTO MY EYE HOLES. Let me put them in like they're contacts, so I see a world where their smugness is on display for all. The Patriots opened as nine-point favorites over the Jaguars, who possess the best defense in football. That line has come down to 7.5 in most books. And it was briefly taken off the board completely at Bookmarker.eu due to concerns over Tom Brady's hand injury. [ 192 more words ]


Call it a Comeback. Eighty-Eight…er…uh… Five Takeaways from Flyers 3, Maple Leafs 2

As time passes, the outcome of last night's game will be no more than a footnote in history as everyone else will remember the pomp and circumstance. They'll remember nearly 20,000 people wearing Eric Lindros T-shirts. They'll remember the number 88 painted into the ice behind each net. Or, in each corner where he laid out many an opponent with his physical style, or even across the the tarp that covers each tunnel entrance into the locker room area. [ 1,699 more word ]


Look At This Douchebag in a Scott Stevens Jersey at Eric Lindros Night

Dickbag of the Week award goes to, shockingly, not Nick Wright and his punchable fucking nose, but rather this guy, who wore a Scott Stevens jersey on Eric Lindros' jersey retirement night: I don't like to see anyone get hurt (well, wait until my next post on the Patriots) and certainly would not condone taken physical action against this guy. [ 61 more words ]


Winning UGLY: Four Observations from Sixers 89, Celtics 80

That was... a pretty bad basketball game. Turns out the Celtics are total shit without Kyrie Irving, which I think we already knew. It was summed up brilliantly by Brad Stevens, who did a compelling and rich interview with Kristen Ledlow at the end of the third quarter: Ledlow: Here with Celtics coach Brad Stevens; you limited the turnovers in the third quarter, what else has to change offensively in the 4th? [ 840 more words ]


Your Friday Morning Roundup

The Flyers and Sixers were both in action last night. But both teams had big things happen before their respective matchups. We'll first start with the Flyers, who honored former captain and Hall of Famer Eric Lindros by retiring his No. 88 jersey, the sixth in team history. It was an unbelievable ceremony from start to finish: Earlier in the morning, he skated on the… [ 1,511 more word ]


“On to the Next One” – Joel Embiid Passes on Rihanna

Remember when Joel Embiid was trying to get with a famous girl? And that famous girl said, "come back when you're an All-Star?" Well Joel is an All-Star in 2018, so that should theoretically give him another shot with Rihanna, who we're 99% sure is the woman in question. Jo was asked about it after last night's win and decided that he's going to have to pass: I probably would not pass, but that's just like, my opinion man.


Crossing Broadcast: Defense and All Star Performances

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss all facets of the NFC championship game, Joel Embiid, Eric Lindros, and defensive juggernauts. [ 79 more words ]


Instincts and Analytics – Is 4th Down a Game Changer This Weekend?

On paper, the Eagles and Vikings aren't dissimilar. Elite defenses, backup quarterbacks, running back by committee, solid special teams. One of the things that stood out when looking at the 2017 Vikings season was that they rarely went for it on 4th down. They finished dead last in the NFL with just seven 4th down attempts, converting only one for a success rate of 14.7%. [ 734 more words ]


Maurice Jones-Drew Gives the Vikings the Edge, Doesn’t Really Explain Why

MJD was a damn good player back in the day. Three Pro Bowls, two All-Pro selections, 11,000 scrimmage yards and 79 touchdowns. The Jags were crap back then, but he wasn't. His TV punditry does not seem to match his on-field excellence, at least judging from this clip below, where he gives the Minnesota Vikings the "edge" in every category while not really offering much explanation: [ 282 more words ]


It’s Time To Run Through a Brick Wall Again

The Eagles have always had great hype videos throughout the years. It continued with their NFC Championship version. Reaction: I'm kind of surprised there wasn't a german shepherd appearance anywhere. But I love this line about Doug Pederson: "All led by one visor wearing, sideline glaring, screen pass calling, fourth down balling, division leading, running back feeding, salt and pepper son-of-a-gun." [ 26 more words ]


Gabe Kapler: Fans Should Expect “A Shitload of Wins”

Here’s Gabe Kapler answering a question about what fans can expect this season at last night's College Winter Summit held by the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park: "You can expect the highest level of intensity in both practice and in a game. You can expect an incredible amount of effort and energy. You can expect a team that rallies around each other and fights for one another. [ 516 more words ]


Nick Wright Just Wants the Last Laugh

I have a friend who used to chat up every young woman at the bar in mostly embarrassing fashion. The first 99 would usually tell him to take a hike. But the 100th woman usually went home with him, and so it really didn't matter that the 99% had to say, it was the 1% that really mattered, sort of like the American economy. [ 275 more words ]


NFC Championship Game: A Look at Minnesota’s Defense, Part 1

This is the part three of our Minnesota Vikings breakdown as we draw ever closer to Sunday's big game. Earlier this week, Kevin Kinkead dissected the Vikings' offense and special teams unit, which you can read here: NFC Championship Game: A Look at Minnesota's Offense NFC Championship Game: A Look at Minnesota's Special Teams Today, I'm going to dive into the Vikings defense and what makes them so formidable. [ 1,245 more word ]


Philadelphia is a Finalist For Amazon’s Second Headquarters

Unlike Tiger Woods at the 2017 Farmers Insurance Open, we made the cut. Philadelphia is one of 20 remaining cities that might host Amazon's new headquarters. Doesn't sound like they really narrowed it down, but they actually did, since Amazon put together this list of finalists from a pool of 238 applicants: Atlanta Austin Boston Chicago Columbus Dallas Denver… [ 205 more words ]


Your Thursday Morning Roundup

We are another day closer. By now, you're just ready for the game. It turns out rookie Sidney Jones may also be ready as well. The Eagles held practice on Wednesday afternoon and the defensive back was a full go, without limitations. Only one other player was on the injury report: Ellerbe has been hampered by that hamstring for weeks and it may be a game-time decision on if he'l play or not in the NFC Championship showdown on Sunday night. [ 643 more words ]


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